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29 NOVEMBER 2018

The Last Word: Fred Eboka


With three decades in the fashion game, Fred Eboka, founder of House of Eboka, is a master in the field of bespoke fashion design and is passionate about youth empowerment, with an impressive client list that includes the First Lady of South Africa




Thing that took your breath away?

The Last Supper at the Sistine Chapel in Rome.


Fashion-related project you worked on?

Designing uniforms for Sun International and Clinix Health Group hospitals.


 Goal you achieved?

Establishing the new home for House of Eboka in Parkmore, Johannesburg.


 Risk you took that paid off?

Reinvesting in my business.


Compliment a client gave you?  

A high-profile international client thanked me for my work, which ensured she was the best-dressed woman at a global conference she attended.


Evocation with a muse?

I learnt very early on to listen my inner mind creatively and combine that with the references I find to come up with new ideas. My muse is inside me.


Country you visited?  

France… it remains a favourite for the art and culture it offers.


Meaningful trend you spotted?

The move towards androgynous fashion - although the majority of my clients still prefer feminine styling above unisex looks.


Gift you gave?

A very beautiful dress to a loyal client.


Quote you read that resonated with you?

“Plan as if you will live forever and live as if you’ll die tomorrow”.


Thing that upset you?

Disrespect for nature, and when so-called leaders allow corruption to flourish on their watch.


Thing that made you smile?

A joke my daughter sent me.


Thing you did to destress?

I went to the gym.


Investment piece you bought?

An 80-year-old Japanese chair.


Book you read?

I finally read A Brief History of Time after Stephen Hawking passed away in March.


Song you played on repeat? 

Buyelekhaya by Nathi


 Piece of advice you received?

Always keep learning and innovating.


Piece of advice you gave?

Do not ask for a change in the world if you are not willing to change yourself.




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