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25 JUNE 2018

When you look at an Eboka garment, your eye is invariably drawn to the fabric, because of the detail and the embellishments, as well as the luxury quality.


The secret here is the careful process of fabric selection. The Ebokas source locally and during their international travels, often in very small quantities, which guarantees a unique, one-of-a-kind end product. When it comes to fabric, Fred’s designer preference is influenced by the surface interest and general aesthetic of the design whether monochromatic weave or contrasting colour mix.


He explains that sometimes he will buy fabric already knowing how he wants to use it and whom he wants to design a garment for, although often he lets the fabric inspire him.


But it doesn’t stop at fabric selection. Fred often embellishes designs with three-dimensional detail to turn every garment into a unique piece. This richness has become a trademark of Eboka designs.

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