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25 JUNE 2018

Eboka is synonymous with glamorous women’s fashion, but the brand also extends to a menswear line that includes luxurious shirts for casual and more dressy occasions. According to the designer, who only ever wears black himself, his line of men’s shirts is influenced by textile; with a preference for natural fabrics such as linens and cotton. The shirts feature a mixing up of different weights of cloth in a way that is both creative and simple.  


In addition, Eboka also creates bespoke men’s suits. The secret to a great-fitting suit, Fred believes, lies in the engineering, which is the most essential part of the process. “The most expensive fabric will not hide a bad pattern and poor craftsmanship,” he says. “The construction has to be perfect in order to best contour the body and accentuate the individual’s best physical assets.”

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