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24 JUNE 2018

What we wear says so much about us, but we all like different looks for different activities, and hand-crafted bespoke garments have a very special place in a wardrobe. Broadcaster Poppy Ntsongwana talks about her experience of Eboka couture.


How would you describe your work-wear and your eveningwear styles?

I’m an eclectic dresser and I like to mix and match styles and eras. For everyday work outfits I keep it classy and simple with a touch of whatever item brings out my personality. In the evening I’m a lot sexier and experimental with my looks because I like to play and metamorphosize into something completely different.

Tell us what bespoke garments mean in your life – where and when (and why) do you like to wear them.

Bespoke garments are key as timepieces and statements. I usually like to wear them for special occasions and one-of-a-kind events.

It is all about how it makes you feel, don’t you agree? Can you describe how wearing Eboka makes you feel?

There’s definitely a feeling of sophistication and elegance. I felt elevated and classic in all these garments.

People generally think eveningwear when they think “designer”. You’ve worn Eboka daywear, and you remarked that women in power should always dress like that. In your opinion, what is the edge that designer garments like Eboka’s gives you in the workplace?

I think Eboka’s designs are made to give that extra bit of power and confidence in your daily life. Each piece is well executed and designed and I think if anything, women should own an item made with such care and attention to detail to give themselves confidence and to feel powerful.

What is your favourite of the Eboka pieces you’ve worn, and why?

The floral dress with the train was quite a hit for me. It was extremely feminine and free-flowing. It had the perfect amount of sex appeal and just ticked all the boxes for a classy and sexy event dress.


A good wardrobe consists of good-quality basics like a white shirt, tailored black pants, pencil skirt and jacket, a trench coat, and nude and black heels… but it is the statement pieces that people remember you for. If you were to choose a couple of Eboka pieces with this in mind, what would you go for, and why?

The yellow pencil skirt, as well as the white blouse, are key single pieces for any season and wardrobe.


Find Poppy on Instagram at @poppyismyname

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